• Michelle Lowe-Sterba

Slowing Down

There are a lot of things we go through our day not noticing. The world today is so busy and so fast we do not take the time to just see. To just hear. To just appreciate what is around us and what we have available to us. We get caught in the whirlwind of the day and it's like our senses and emotions are just turned off. It is the same with electronics. We get engrossed in them and we have lost the ability of simple communication. Simple human interaction is gone.

Our kids are growing up probably never having handwritten a letter or even received one. They are growing up texting instead of calling and actually having a conversation. What does that mean for their ability to communicate as they go out into the world to survive? Or is the world changing so that they don't have to have human contact? Because if that is the case it makes me sad for them.

Quarantine and staying home has taught me that I need human interactions. Not just texting or snapping or zooming. These technologies are great. I use them all the time. And before all this I thought I preferred some of them over a phone call or having to see people or god forbid touch or be touched. But I need to see people in person. I need to hear voices, give and receive hugs, visit family and friends, see coworkers. I need it all. At the same time, some of it scares the crap out of me because things are changing.

Our new normal won't be the same as it was before. We won't rush to hug or shake hands. We will live with a certain level of fear. It is devastating to me that that is the world we have left for our kids. I know mine are craving human interactions. They want to see friends and have sleepovers. But they won't ever be the same. There will always be fear.

At the same time, some of the new normal is better for us. Hopefully we are no longer rushing to believe everything we read or see in the news. Politics and opinions are so multi-faceted and complex and it is worth listening to all sides. Because I promise you, no one person, no one political party or politician has all the answers. They are ALL doing things right and wrong. We have to wake up and pay attention. Slow down to go faster. Stop complaining and just appreciate it all. Be aware and do some research.

Here is what I now have slowed down to notice:

I don't listen. I get engrossed in something and I tune everything else out. My Lu has taught me this.

I don't go outside to just sit. Fresh air feels good. I love sitting in my rocking chair with the wind blowing.

I don't call. My sweet friend Jen is fantastic at doing that.

I say I hate things that I would love if I just did them. Baking is one of those things.

I don't try new things. I am working on this in artistic ways and cooking.

I let life get in my way and I don't slow down to just appreciate what is around me. This will be an ongoing work in progress.

I actually DO like being out of the house and around people! I miss working and my co-workers. I miss visiting family and friends.

My opinions are evolving. Because I am listening to all sides and making an effort to understand and grow.

I hope you take a minute today to just slow down. Take note of what is going on around you. Make a positive change. Actually listen to someone you normally would not agree with or would tune out. You might learn something. At least I hope you do.

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